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We can make false license cards, however we don’t recommend legal use. Fake licences cannot be registered in the official database, limiting their legality. We encourage our consumers to choose a valid driver’s license for ethical reasons.

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Easy International Travels offers a sustainable and ethical approach to obtaining your New Guinea driver’s license without the hurdles of traditional exams.

We work with two main centers for Port Moresby residents to get your driving licence. These two centers are:

Central Traffic Office at Gordons

MVIL Office  along Waigani drive.

Application for PNG driving License just got easier

The Motor Vehicle Registry, which is a component of the Department of Transport, is the location where all driver’s licenses for New Papua are recorded.

Under this provision, the RTA has taken over the roles of the Superintendent of Motor Traffic and the Land Transport Board under the following Acts and Regulations:

Land Transport Board Act 1968
Motor Traffic Act 1950 and Motor Traffic Regulation 1967
Licensing of Heavy Vehicles Act 1977 and Licensing of Heavy Vehicles Regulation 1977


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