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Operating rental vessels.

Visiting from another state or country and using a vessel for less than 60 days, provided they meet their home state or country's requirements. Participating in a regatta, water ski, or vessel race. Holding a commercial fishing license. Possessing a marine operator license.

Understanding Australia Boat License Requirements

Starting January 1, 2018, the possession of boat cards became mandatory for operators under 20 years old. Although currently applicable only to younger applicants, eventually, all Australia, United States, UK and Canada residents will be required to obtain this license. The schedule below outlines the timeline for different groups to possess a boater education card for operating motorized vessels on state waterways.

Steps to Obtain a Boating License without exams

Applicants are required to apply for a boating license through Easy International Travels portal. applicants have four options to submit proof: Upload the boat safety certificate. Enter the safety course boat certificate ID number. Mail the boating safety education certificate to the Department of Parks and Recreation. Declare non-completion of the course. Once the method of submitting the boaters' safety course records is chosen, applicants can complete the application online

Boating License Requirements

While not inclusive of all applicants presently, the state's mandatory boating license age necessitates applicants to be at least 16 years old. These requirements differ from neighboring states, necessitating a license for operating vessels on state waterways. Obtaining a boat registration certificate is a straightforward process available through Easy International Travels. Applicants can conveniently apply either by contacting us. Alternatively, boat owners can utilize the online platform for registration without the need for a course. It's important to note that not all vessels are obligated to adhere to the state's registration laws. However, every eligible boat brought into the country must be registered within 120 days, with potential exceptions.

Application for Boat License

Once the method of submitting the boaters' safety course records is chosen, applicants can complete the application online by following these steps: Select the 'New' option. Provide personal information, including name, age, and address. Choose a method to fulfill the educational requirements. Pay the fee, which can be made through credit/debit cards or by mailing a check. Print the confirmation. For mailed certificates or check payments, the printed confirmation coversheet must be included in the envelope. Once the application and payment are received, a temporary card will be emailed within three to five days. Temporary cards are valid for 90 days, after which the permanent license will be mailed within 60 days.

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