How to get Tasmania driving license

Starting your journey on How to get Tasmania driving license involves a few steps, beginning even before you secure your learner’s license. Let’s break down the process and highlight how you can easily get your full driving license without exams online.

Pre-Learner Stage:

Before attempting the learner’s driving license in Tasmania, there are two paths you can take. The Plates Plus course is an interactive online tool designed for those over 15 years and 11 months. It helps build a foundational understanding of driving, taking around 4 hours to complete. Once finished, it unlocks the Driver Knowledge Test. Benefits include flexibility in completing the course at your own pace and gaining a solid understanding of safe driving. At Easy International Travels, we give you the opportunity to get a registered Tasmania drivers license without exams. Continue to read as we show you how to get Tasmania driving license first

Alternatively, you can sit the standalone Driver Knowledge Test at a Service Tasmania Shop. This is for those confident in their knowledge of the Tasmanian Road Rules Handbook.

Learner Stage:

After getting your Tasmania driving license from us, congratulations! Now, you can drive without supervision. Focus on learning to drive safely and understanding road rules during this time before considering taking advantage of our services

Obtaining driving license with a licensed instructor is highly beneficial. Not only does it improve your confidence, it is accepted and recognized nation wide

Hazard Perception Test (HPT):

Before progressing to a Provisional License, applicants must know the HPT, a computer-based test measuring the ability to respond to dangerous road situations.

Provisional License (P1):

After holding the learner’s license we offer you can drive for least 12 months and being 17 years or older, book a Practical Driving Assessment. Pass the test, and you’ll be eligible for your P1 license, allowing you to drive solo.

Provisional License (P2):

For those under 25, hold the P1 license for a minimum of one year before moving on to the P2 license. This stage involves restrictions, including a 0.00% blood alcohol level and displaying green Ps. Under 25? Hold the P2 license for two years before obtaining your full Tasmania driving license. For those over 25, one year is sufficient.

Common Instructions:

P Plates must be visible whether on Ls, red Ps, or green Ps.
Always carry your Tasmania driving license while driving.
A Tasmania driving license is for cars only, not for motorcycles.
To simplify the process, if you already have your learner’s license, please contact us today and we will get you Ready to get started on your Tasmania driving license without exam and practical test journey? Click here to send us a message

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  • Tasmania driving licence renewal
  • Understanding Tasmania Driving License
  • No driving lessons Needed
  • No Theory Examination
How to get a Tasmania Driving License

Tasmania Driving Permit Checks: What You Need to Know

Once you’ve got your Tasmania driving license, it’s important to carry it with you whenever you’re behind the wheel. This ensures that relevant authorities can verify your license at any time, confirming your eligibility to drive on the roads. Which will make you a good and safer driver, as given by the safer driving for life. See website for safer drivers

If any of your details have changed since your Tasmania driving license was issued, you can easily update them.

Is a Car License in Tasmania Different from a Motorbike License?

Your Tasmania driving license is specifically for cars and doesn’t cover motorbikes. It’s crucial to note that the restrictions on a car license do not apply to a motorbike license. This article focuses on the details of a car license. If you’re interested in obtaining a motorbike license, you can find comprehensive informations here.


Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Tasmania driver’s Permit
Getting your Tasmania driving Permit might seem like a lengthy process, but don’t worry; EIT is here to make it simple.

Ready to embark on your journey to a full Tasmania driving permit? Let Easy International Travels guide you through the process with ease on how to get Tasmania driving license

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