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Ever wondered how to buy full driver’s license NSW without taking the exams or test? It’s an exciting journey that spans four years, known as the Graduated Licensing Scheme. This scheme, devised by the NSW Government, aims to reduce accidents involving new and learner drivers.

Our process involves obtaining your learner driving license, P1 provisional driving license, and P2 provisional driving license before finally securing your full NSW driver’s license. Along the way, you’ll not only learn NSW road rules but also gain the skills to drive a car safely and confidently.

While four years may seem like a long time, it allows you to gain valuable practice and experience on the road, increasing your chances of successfully obtaining your NSW driver’s license.

Now, let’s break down each stage of the process.

How to Get Learner Driving License in NSW:

The first step toward your full driving license in NSW is getting your learner license. To do this, you must be at least 16 years old and pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT), which evaluates your understanding of road rules. The DKT consists of 15 general knowledge questions and 30 road safety questions which we can get it completed for you.

You can pass the DKT using services provided by Easy International Travels, and the NSW Government also offers a comprehensive road users’ handbook.

Once you get the DKT, your eyesight will be tested, and you’ll need to pay the associated costs, prove your identity, and then you’re ready to drive under supervision with ‘L’ plates.

Easy Steps to Obtain P1 Provisional Driver’s License in NSW:

Next step is obtaining your P1 provisional driving license, also known as your red Ps. With the red Ps, you can drive unsupervised, but you must adhere to various restrictions, including displaying red ‘P’ plates, maintaining a zero blood alcohol concentration, avoiding phone use while driving, not using high-performance cars, ensuring passengers wear seatbelts, and staying within the 90km/h speed limit.

To apply for a P1 driver’s license, you need to be at least 17 years old and have held a learner license for at least 12 months. If you’re under 25, we can help you complete the 120 hours of driving time, including 20 hours of night driving, recorded in your learner logbook

After logging enough hours and feeling confident, you’ll take the hazard perception test, complete another eyesight test, and then take the driving test. Preparing for the tests is crucial, and Easy International Travels offers helpful tips and experienced services to help you get certified without you taking any of the given exams or test.

Apply for Your P2 Provisional Drivers License in NSW:

Fortunately, the information provided cover how to buy the P2 provisional driving license in NSW. If you have specific questions about this stage, please get in touch with us and I’ll be happy to assist on how to buy full driver’s license NSW!

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how to buy full driver's license NSW

Many learners often ask us about getting their green Ps in NSW and how long they need to be on their red Ps. If you’ve had these questions, let’s explore the answers.

The final step before obtaining your full driving license in NSW is getting your P2 provisional driver’s license, also known as your green Ps. Similar to the red Ps, this license allows you to drive without supervision but with some restrictions, similar to the P1 license.

Main difference in restrictions is that on your green Ps, you can drive up to a maximum speed of 100km/h and tow a trailer weighing more than 250 kg. You can find the complete list of restrictions here.

Buy P2 driving license in NSW without taking any test

Wondering how to get your green Ps or buy P2 driving license in NSW without taking any test? It’s a straightforward process. You need to provide us with your informations, prove your identity, pay the associated fees, and and we will help you get certified in less then no time.

Now, let’s talk about transitioning from your P2 license to your full driving license in NSW. Having a full license gives you ultimate freedom to drive unsupervised without the restrictions that apply to P1 and P2 license holders.

Fortunately, this step is the easiest in your Australian driver’s license journey. You no longer need to prove your competency on the road or your knowledge of the rules. By this point, driving skills should be second nature, and you should drive confidently and safely.

Let’s talk about the costs involved. Each license has its own price: a learner license, a P1 provisional license, and a P2 provisional license. To buy your full license in Australia and New Zealand, you can contact us for more info.

For a full driver’s license for sale, the cost depends on how many years you want it to be valid. A ten-year license costs and a three-year license cost are both different. 

Converting an interstate or overseas licence

Switching from a license issued in another Australian state or territory, or from a foreign country? You’ll have to convert it to a New South Wales (NSW) driving license.

Our Full Driving License Services are Available for Australia and New Zealand